Kindom Come

41gf7itj8wLIf you are interested in truly thinking critically about the church, then this book is for you. Kingdom Come by Reggie McNeal may challenge some of your common assumptions and push you to see outside the norm of the inward focused Western church. I believe it is a much-needed commentary on the state of the church institution, as well as the trends that are causing this institution to self-destruct. McNeal offers positive insight on “Kingdom”, and what it looks like for Christians to push Kingdom outside the walls of the church. Exchanging a church centered approach for a social community approach seems to be the solution. Although, these changes are much easier said than done, and some may challenge them theologically, I do believe that he provides a lot of evidence as well as scripture that at the very least this conversation should be happening.

I particularly enjoyed McNeal’s personal experiences from which he draws on through most of the book. Even his own shortcomings prepared him well for writing this book. He is not someone who enters this conversation lightly and has years of experience. Sadly, it seems rare to read such a critique from someone who has been there and has spent so many years around ministry developing there ideas.

I would recommend this book to any church leader who is either looking to improve their approach to ministry or that at least wants to be relevant to the important conversations happening around this topic. I believe the ideas presented here make this an important read for anyone who is involved in ministry.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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