Why I Walk

For reasons I won’t whine about at this time, I have been thinking a lot about suffering, as well as our fragile human condition. I think that without suffering joy loses it’s meaning. I think God often gives is way more than we can handle no matter how much you misinterpret that scripture that says otherwise. It is interesting that we often choose a faith that favors our outcomes, then abandon our beliefs when bad things happen. Look at how the son of God suffered. To accept Christ is to accept suffering.
As I walk it is easy to begin to feel sorry for myself. Then I talk to other peregrinos. We have been sharing much about our lives with each other over the last 3 days and formed a pretty tight group looking out for one another. The shared things we have suffered have brought us closer together. Knowing the things we have suffered in life have brought us closer. I am thankful for experiences like this that fulfill the community need I have secretly been craving a lot of my life, and am currently trying to build in my daily life back home. Ok, getting off track with a lot of random thoughts here. The last thing I’ll say right now is that I am pressing on. Today was probably the hottest day and I am feeling a bit fatigued on top of my other issues. But I think of the suffering of others and it inspires and motivates me. I think of those in my life that have come and gone, I think of loved ones lost, and those that may never walk again. I think of those that would love to be able to trade places with me. It seems stupid to have this realization now, but I am not just doing this for me.



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