I’ve been learning a lot about myself these past few days. My body is slowly recovering as it feels a little bit better each day. Still the camino had pushed me to my limits several times. I have had to fight through some pretty intense pain coming from my feet and my knees to keep going. Going slow makes me much less tired, but does not help the pain.
People are becoming more familiar and conversation is more frequent. The last few days I took it very slow. It is funny constantly catching up to people who passed me on the trail, while they are taking breaks. I feel like the pace setter as they usually get moving when they see me.
Last night was amazing. Found a free bed at a monastery. They were overwhelmingly hospitable. I attended mass at the church that is connected. Afterwards we had an amazing dinner prepared by the volunteers where I stayed. Then a time of reflection and prayer for our journeys. We finished with a time of encouraging words to one another. It was great to get to know some others on a personal level. More on that later! It was perfect and also quiet, which is hard to come by sometimes. Amazing to find this free service along the way.
I’m learning and I’m appreciating more each day. Beginning to embrace my journey.

Community Dinner


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