A Post Racist America

It amazes me that people deny the existence of bigotry. It walks among us and perhaps in our very own social circles. If social media teaches us anything it is that I am not paranoid. The shameful cowards that walk among us become quite bold when interaction is not face to face. I moved away from my hometown about 5 years ago. It pains me to see people who I grew up with, and people I know from church, proclaim things that reveal their hatred and fear. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to some tweets about last night’s all-star game and the singing by someone born and raised in NYC of God Bless America.


I wish this were an isolated event and not a social media trend. Remember the NBA playoffs not to long ago? Let’s see what folks had to say about a local kid star born and raised in San Antonio singing the national anthem.


That’s right folks. These people are walking among us. They work with us, attend social activities with us, they are business owners, and all too often, they are churchgoers. So am I a bit too paranoid? Maybe. Are you in denial? Maybe. The only absolute fact here is that this is real!


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