NYC Photos

I just returned from leading a trip to New York. I haven’t quite collected all of my thoughts of everything that the week consisted of. However, I do know that it is always amazing to go back and serve the people of the community. Although the ministry was pretty tiring, we did get some free time to explore different sights of the city. I took this opportunity to practice taking pictures under different conditions and circumstances. I decided to post a few of my favorites on flickr at a higher quality. If you care to read, I also put a few of my own thoughts of the pics I took on Flickr. I will probably compress a few hundred others, that document the trip and ministries involved, and post them to facebook sometime soon.

Comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome.

: )

This is our group at an outreach in The Bronx. This was one of my favorite ministry sites. From this bus, we served food and gave out clothing to many of the neighborhood residents as well as the homeless. We also had the privilege to get to know many of them as well as pray with them.


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